Ready, steady, go!

by Pablo Sáenz de Tejada

After my first week in London before the Data School started I was looking forward to start learning and working with the great professionals that are part of The Information Lab. And the impressions couldn’t be better after this first week. Everyone in the team gave us an awesome welcome and I have also great companions in the Data School, which makes everything easier specially when I have just moved from Madrid. And the Data School couldn’t look better as you can see:

The Information Lab Data School

The Information Lab Data School

During these first days we have met all The Information Lab team and a big opening party on Tuesday, received the first tips from our mentors, our first introduction to Tableau including an awesome advance training season carried out by Craig Bloodworth and Andy Kriebel, as well as a very interesting introduction to Alteryx by Chris Love (there’s anything that we can’t do with Alteryx and Tableau?). And last but not least, we made our first viz makeover. In my case, adding some context and additional data to the original to improve the global analysis of birth and fertility rates in the USA and some insights of its future population structure. You can have a look at it in my Tableau Public Profile.



Definitely they will be busy months but I’m sure the effort’s going to be worth, specially with the experience and willingness to help that everyone has shown us in just a few days.