Using, Alteryx and Tableau to web scrap, prepare and visualize football clasification and results

by Pablo Sáenz de Tejada
As a football and basketball fan, using Alteryx and Tableau for sports visualization is one of my main interest, so I decided that it was time to spent some time starting to create something regarding this topics and create a viz for La Liga classification, top scorers and the results of all the matches played during this season.
To do so, and in the fastest possible way, I start by using to create a bulk extract of all the matches played and future matches of the year from the Marca website, one of the main sport newspapers in Spain. With the teams, final result, scorers and minute where each goal was scored. And download this data in JSON format. With the API created, now I’m able to download the data every week, and update it in less than one minute.
After having this prepared it was time for data preparation with Alteryx, so I can adapt the JSON file to a more useful format to work with, and Tableau is the perfect tool for do so. This is the final workflow that I create:
Football Classification
The workflow takes the JSON file with all the data, make all the necessary preparation and cleaning so I finally have 3 extracts: one to use for the general Clasisification of the Spanish Football League (La Liga), another dataset to visualize the results of all the matches and a final one with the scorers using this list of tools:
  • JSON Build.
  • Text to columns.
  • Sample.
  • Formula.
  • Select.
  • Filter.
  • Cross Tab.
  • Join.
  • Union.
  • Multi-Row Formula.
  • Unique.
  • Sumarize.
  • Transpose.
The key point of creating all this workflow is that now I can update my data each week in just a couple of minutes. I just need to run the API, update the file in Alteryx, run the workflow again and it’s done. And not only that, I can also update my visualization also very easy, just updating the data sources in Tableau.
you can click on the viz to see it or visit my Tableau Public Profile if you prefer:
Football Classification 02
in the next days I will update it a little bit, trying to make some improvements and add some additional information. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions.