My to-do list to be put in practice in the New Year

by Rachel Costa

Instead of moping over the past, let’s enjoy the last Friday of the year to build the traditional to-do list for 2017

2017 to-do list

Our last philosophic post of 2016 is about “if I had to start all over again…”. (The others from this series are My 7 biggest challenges in the Data School and This is not another article about success)

I could say that if I had to start all over again I either would have started to speak English at the age of 2 or that I would have studied Maths everyday even while I was working 12 hours a day in a newsroom.

But, let’s be more realistic: the past is the past and Back to the Future is only a fiction movie. Instead of moping over the past, let’s enjoy the last Friday of the year to build the traditional to-do list for the New Year and define things that I WILL do (or at least that I intend to do).

Yeah, that list that we write down in the last days of a year just to forget its existence in February of the following year.

But this time I’m sharing it publicly with you so feel free to chase me up (I am not exactly promising that I will fulfil all of them, but I am promising that I will do my best) 😀

  1. Let’s start by the easier things: I promise that I will never ever again lose a Tableau workbook because I didn’t save it. CTR + S exists to avoid this kind of situation and I don’t need to feel this pain again.

  2. I will be a better folder’s organiser in the next year and will stop giving metaphysic names for my folders.

  3. I will also start to do periodic backups of all my files and when I say periodic I don’t mean once a year.

  4. I will start a project related to data visualisation. I already have an idea that involves Latin America and data, but I confess that I have been procrastinating for the last months, so, please, chase me up!

  5. I will study my list of English phrasal verbs at least twice a week and will stop using the Latin versions of the verbs (that nobody uses except us, people who have Latin languages as our mother tongues)

  6. I will not use bellow when I would like to say below anymore (Thanks, Ravi!)

  7. I will take more time exploring the spatial zone of Alteryx, as well as the Predictive tools

  8. I will also stop complaining about LODs.

  9. I will plan better my visualisations before starting to drag and drop pills like a crazy person trying to figure out what I can do (and ending up with 20 shit sheets that don’t match with each other)

  10. I will be a better member of the #MakeOverMonday community (Only to make it clear, saying that I’m not promising I will do every single #MakeOverMonday in 2017, but that I am planning to appear at least once a month, right, Andy?)

  11. I will also be a better member of Tableau and Alteryx communities.

  12. TIL guys, you will see me more in Convo, I promise.