Tableau: a quick way to Sort by a Measure with multiple Dimensions in your View

by Robbin Vernooij

A quick Tableau tip on how to sort to a measure, without your the Dimensions in your view splitting up your numbers.

Tableau allows you to sort your Dimensions to a Measure in your view, like the example below. However, what if you quickly want to check the overall lowest or highest values?


Sorting on a Measure

  1. Duplicate the Measure you want to sort on by CTRL+dragging it onto the row or column shelf.
  2. Turn it into a discrete field by right clicking on the Measure – Discrete.
  3. Drag it to the left to be the first Discrete field, et Voila!


I find this method particularly helpful when I have multiple Measures and Dimensions in my view and want to quickly identify Top and Bottom ‘performers’.

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