Dashboard Week – Day 2 (Battlefield Sites)

by Sara Hamdoun

Today we had to visualise data about battlefield sites in the U.K. using data from Historic UK. It has been a long and tiring day; I’ve never used so much Regex before

What have I learnt today…

  1. Multi-row formula can save you so much time, (I never used it before) but I’m considering adding it to my favourites
  2. Regex_Replace is my new best friend, initially we had problems but we’re now on a level battlefield
  3. If you’re Regex isn’t working but it looks completely fine and you’ve tested everything else, try adding a data cleansing tool after the Regex tool. This will remove any leading and trailing whitespaces, which might have been the issue

Okay now, I’ll show you my Regex-y Alteryx workflow:

Once I exported all the data, I had about 2 hours to create a dashboard. This is the end result:

Even though today was tough, it challenged me and as a result I learnt so much!

Wed 19 Jun 2019

Mon 17 Jun 2019

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