Dashboard Week – Day 4 (Candy Survey Data)

by Sara Hamdoun

Day 4 we had to visualise survey data about candy. We were only allowed to use Tableau Prep to clean the data. I was pleased to use Tableau Prep, as I’ve mainly be using Alteryx. Below is my workflow:

However, we had to create our visualisation on Web Edit. Web Edit has limited functions and capabilities when creating dashboards. This meant more than half of my ideas or even basic formatting wasn’t possible. I’m sure Web Edit has many benefits, but when it comes to creating cool dashboards that’s when Web Edit says ‘No thank you’.

It’s been another challenging day, each day I miss Tableau Desktop. I’m hoping tomorrow we’ll be reunited and Andy will give us a nicer task.

Wed 19 Jun 2019

Mon 17 Jun 2019

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