Quick Tableau Tip - How do you add '+/-' OR '▲/▼' to labels?

by Sara Hamdoun

This is a simple yet cool tip when indicating whether a number is positive or negative. For this example, I will use the Sample – EU Superstore data set to analyse the total number of sales sold in each segment during each quarter.

  1. Drag the Order Date to columns and change this to a quarter continuous field, then drag Sales to rows and Segment to colours

2) Right click on SUM(Sales) and select Format

3) Select Pane and then select Numbers on Default

4) Click on Custom and on Format, type ‘+0.0; -0.0’ OR if you prefer icons copy and paste ‘0.0▲; 0.0▼’ to display a positive or negative number, (if you want a different icon, Google ‘Unicode characters’)

5) Drag the Sales measure to the label shelf and select show mark labels where the line ends

And the end result should look like this: