Dashboard Week Day 1: Webscraping Asos

by Sarah Jellenc

Day 1 of Dashboard Week was certainly a challenge! Our task was to web scrape all the new men’s and women’s clothing items from the Asos website in Alteryx and then use that data to build a viz in Tableau. We needed to pull out the brand, cost, description, and product type for each individual item.

Once I had built a functional workflow to scrape the items from the first page of men’s clothing and the first page of women’s clothing, I created a macro (with lots of help from Jonathan and Hesham) to pull the data I needed from the subsequent product pages. It’s a mess of a workflow, but it got the job done:

Once I got the macro working for women’s clothing, I repeated the process for men’s clothing and unioned the two outputs.

Finally, I threw the resulting data set into Tableau to try to build a viz in a mad frenzy.

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