Dashboard Week Day 4: No-go for Tableau

by Sarah Jellenc

For day 4 of Dashboard Week, our task was to download data from an API and build a visualisation in a tool other than Tableau. We were to pull every event within 50 miles of our hometown or our current city and return all fields available from the API.

The results of my API call, viewed with a JSONView extension.

I decided to go ahead and do my data prep and visualisation with just the first 100 events (the max limit per page), and build a macro in Alteryx to pull more if I had time afterwards. Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

Prepping in Alteryx.

After getting the data from the API into the form I wanted in Alteryx, I spent a fair bit of time trying to build a viz with Flourish. I thought this example was particularly cool but wasn’t able to figure out how to re-create it in the time allotted. I got this far:

Events by category at each venue in Edinburgh.

I tried a few other types of maps in Flourish, trying different mark types and whatnot, but I couldn’t get the formatting to look quite right. At this point, I decided to give Power BI a shot. Here’s what I ended up with:

Power BI.

It was fun experimenting with other tools, but the main takeaway was that this task made me really miss Tableau!