Annual Calendar in Tableau - 4. Two Colours for Two Different Fields

by Sijia Wei

Question 1: How can we display both Sales and Profit on the same calendar?

Step 1: Create a parameter for users to switch between Sales and Profit

Step 2: Create a calculated field to apply the parameter in the view

Step 3: Put it on the colour shelf

Questions 2:  Can we use different colours for Sales and Profit?

Step 1: Create a calculated filed = the Parameter

Step 2: Put it on the colour shelf

But now we’ve lost our colour gradient…

Questions 3: What is the easiest way to show Sales and Profit in different (gradient) colours?

Step 1: Put the Parameter on the Filter Shelf

Step 2: Duplicate the sheet, edit the Filter, add Sales in the Customer Value List

Step 3: Put SUM(Profit) and SUM(Sales) on the Colour shelves respectively

Step 4: Create a new Dashboard, put two worksheets one top of the other with exactly the same Position and Size.

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