How do you import data from folders within folders within folders… - The Directory Tool in Alteryx

by Sijia Wei

Thank you Jonathan for saving us from Dashboard Day2! So how do you import multiple files from folders within folders within folders into Alteryx using the Directory Tool?


  • Import a single file using the Input Data Tool; Connect it with a Control Parameter;
  • Update the entire file path;
  • Connect a Macro Output; Save the Macro.


  • Connect the Macro with the Directory Tool;
  • Write the highest hierarchy of your file path folder under ‘Directory’;
  • Indicate the file type that you are looking for under ‘File Specification’;
  • Tick the ‘Include SubDirectories’ box.


  • Choose ‘FullPath’ under the Choose Field dropdown menu when configuring the input macro

Connect with the Output Data Tool, it’s done!

Here is my dashboard for Dashboard Week Day2:

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