Basically, it is a bar chart that drills down when you click on it. We’ve used it a lot in our last client project, it worked quite well for everyone. I’ll stop talking as I usually do, let’s go straight to the topic.

Put your Category and Subcategory on rows,

Step1: Create a Set from Category

Step2: Create a calculated field for Category, another for Subcategory

You are smart enough to work out what is going on, if not, it is my fault not being clear enough, feel free to give me a shout.

Step3: Put the Category Calculation on rows after Category, untick ‘show header’ to hide the Category column; Replace Subcategory with the Subcategory Calculation.

Step4: Set Wooksheet Set Actions (Remove all values from the set when selected); You’ll need to repeat this step again as Dashboard Set Actions later if you are using it on a dashboard.