DS22 | Dashboard Week Day 5 - Boy Bands

by Simon Evans

Day 5 saw us look at boy bands!

The internet boy bands database can be found here. The data is available on github here. There are two files to download and join: bands.csv and boys.csv.


  1. Download both data sets.
  2. If data prep is required, use either Alteryx or Tableau Prep.
  3. More than welcome to supplement it with additional data.
  4. They can use any data visualization tool of their choice.
  5. Blog about the project.
  6. Before 3pm,  must have dashboards uploaded to Tableau Public or the Power BI gallery.

The first thing to do was to download the data sets from Github, which wasn't as straight forward as pressing download. After googling how to access these files I found that if you press Alt and clicking on the "raw" option at the top right you can download the files as a .txt file

Next was to join them together in Alteryx. When I inputted the files into Alteryx directly, Alteryx didn't recognise the .txt files, and so when inputting I had to select these as a delimited file, using comma as the delimiter.

The join was easy enough just joining on band for both the files

Because Andy mentioned DS11 had already done this task for dashboard week previously, I decided to look on Tableau public at what they came up with. I was really inspired by Jonathan Sherman's dashboard where he created an interactive quiz based on the data, his dashboard can be found at:

Tableau Public

I cannot take any credit for the idea, but I decided to put my own spin on it!

I realised in order to make a "Question number" I would need to to this in Alteryx so I simply just summarized by band name and created a record ID for each band, before joining this back with the main data! Each band would represent a question:

I could then export to tableau and explore! Similar to Jonathan, I decided to create several clues (in my case 6) before revealing the answer.

The clues I decided upon were:

  1. How many members in the band
  2. Skin tone of band members
  3. Hair colour and style of band members (using a set action)
  4. Ages (current or at time of chart topping hit, using a parameter)
  5. Bands highest chart position
  6. Bands top chart hit (song)
  7. ANSWER!

The way I structured this was using various parameters and creating a calculation to place on the filters shelf for each stage of clue that would show up based upon the "clue" parameter

This calculation just basically states the clue parameter

This calculation states if my clue number is 1 or above to show it otherwise hide it, then drag this to the filters shelf.

The calculations were progressed all the way up to clue 6!

My final dashboard is here:

Link to interactive viz:

Tableau Public