Dashboard week - DAY 2

by Simona Loffredo

For the second viz of Dashboard week I decided use story points. And it has been really challenging due to the small amount of time.

I decided to focus only on London Region and answer the question “How do employees go to work in the London Region?”.

I am really proud of this viz, I have learned a lot from it in both Alteryx and Tableau and I am going to show point by point what I think are my achievement.


Fancy areachart

I have kind of experimented this area chart trying to show the overall view by way of travel of the percentage of employees in the London Region. It looks a bit like a curtain and I like it!



Then, going down to a deeper level of detail, I have looked at the distribution by way of travel by Local Authority, which is one of the easiest way to show outliers.


Ratio Calcs

Employees who live in the city centre prefer to use public transports, bikes or walking to work, while people from the suburbs prefer cars, taxi or motorbike.

To get to this, I had to build an Alteryx Workflow performing all the calculations to obtain the correct ratios.

Why did I need Alteryx? Because I needed to blend data in Tableau (between this dataset and the maps dataset) and Tableau would not been enough to calculate the correct numbers (e.g. 100% would have been the summing up all the percentages of all the maps and that is not what I wanted).

Below a picture of my Alteryx workflow (do not hesitate to ask for further details).

Ratio calcs WF


London map

Finally, I have built an interactive map of the London region showing the detail of how people go to work by Local Authority using hover graphs.

Again, I had an initial issue to use hover graph because I had blended data in Tableau. To configure correctly the hover graph make sure to set the following settings in Tableau:

hover graph blending


I really hope you can find this post useful. For further details do not hesitate to write me!

A presto!