First awesome week!

by Simona Loffredo

I moved to London almost one month ago and I was looking forward to starting and meeting all the people of the Data School 2. And here we are, we look so happy!

Data School 2

Now that the first week has just ended, my feeling is that we are going to learn a lot in the next 4 months and we will have a lot of fun.

But what have we done so far? In the first couple of days we have worked in pairs with giant papers and crayons producing graph makeovers (a very interesting exercise), having the chance to getting know each other better.

Giant papers

In the second part of the week, coach Andy started to introduce us to Tableau and he encouraged us to review and remake our very first viz, the one we submitted for the first interview.

First Viz

Click on the image to interact

In my case, I have improved my story using what I have learnt in this very first week and following coach Andy’s tips who has taught me how to do calculations and groups with Tableau.

I can’t wait for next week!