Thank you, DS2!

by Simona Loffredo

ATTENTION: This blog post is not for Tableau/Alteryx purposes. It is only to express my thoughts about this week (9 or 11).



This week we have done a project for a client and it has been a great learning for all of us.

Everyone has had different tasks and even so we have helped each other a lot. I think that this team spirit is really important and I feel lucky and proud of being part of such a great team at Data School 2.

I volunteered as project leader this week: it has been challenging and I have also enjoyed it a lot.

What have I learnt from this experience?

First of all, it was the fist time for me being project leader for a project and coordinating a group of 7 people. I feel I have learnt a lot about how to relate with others, organize and coordinate in order to get things done for the project.

I have tried my best to help others solving their issues, to listen all of them and to keep the team spirit high. Jules also told me that he noticed I have used different / personalized approaches for each team member (but I didn’t realize it).

I feel proud for the positive feedback I received at the end of the week from my team in the DS2, it seems that they liked me (“the Godmother” :D) as project leader. It has be a honour for me and again, I am proud of being part of such a great team at Data School 2.

Thank you, DS2!