Cheese - Dashboard Week Day Four

by Stephanie Kearns

For day four of dashboard week, we were given an API and a link to a website about cheese. Turns out the API didn’t work, so we went with scraping the information from the website.


I found today quite tough, not because of the data source, but because of a lack of inspiration. Something a number of the other’s in DS at the moment are good at is finding an interesting or niche angle to the data. Today I got caught up in the fact I couldn’t find anything that I thought was exciting enough to say.


Lessons Learnt


  1. There isn’t always an exciting light bulb moment. Sometimes there aren’t any really interesting, stand-out insights. Sometimes cheese is just cheese.
  2. When you’re struggling for ideas, discuss it with others (big shout out to Michael for making the time for me). It doesn’t matter if your final product wasn’t all your own idea, if anything it may improve it!


Click on the image below to explore my dashboard.


veggie friendly cheeses


Day four done, big finale tomorrow…


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