Dynamic Axis Labels - Tip Week

by Stephanie Kearns

There are loads of snazzy things you can do with parameters including changing the top N in a chart view, switching between different chart types and changing between different measures/views in one chart.

Building on Jeremy’s example in the last link above, having built a chart which allows you to switch between different views in one chart, this tip is how to change your axis label to show the measure name, rather than the static calculation name.

The Tip

  • Drag any measure on to a worksheet view (I double clicked on Sales in the example below).
  • Drag the parameter ‘Choose measure’ on to the label marks card and remove the placeholder measure pill from the view.
  • Fit to entire view and then click on the text label marks card and change the alignment.
  • Click to open a new dashboard window and drag on the chart and sheet with the parameter text, then tidy up by right-clicking and hiding worksheet titles and resizing the boxes.
  • Edit the chart axis and delete the text (this says ‘selected measure’ in this example).



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