First Impressions

by Stephanie Kearns
After day one at the Data School I thought I’d start with my first impressions of the people, the Data School and the company itself.


The people
I’ve met a number of the core team at the Information Lab now and, among a hugely varied group of people, there has been one main thing they have in common (aside from the obvious data vizziness) and that is how welcoming they have all been.


The Data School
After reading through many blogs of previous DS groups and speaking to various people around the company, there were a few things I knew I had to look forward to. The blogging, the hard work and to always be prepared for whatever Andy throws at us. The first day at the Data School did not disappoint. We were given an hour to complete this week’s Makeover Monday and present it back. It felt like nowhere near enough time and pre-DS me would not be happy sharing it without spending more time on it. BUT I’m here to learn and improve so here it is in all it’s basic glory…


The Information Lab
There is one clear thing that stood out for me today about this company and that is it’s sheer openness. Openness with what people are doing, how the company is doing and (most importantly I would say) with knowledge. I’m surrounded by a clever bunch of people but there are a whole lot more just one message away!

Stephanie Kearns

Mon 29 Jan 2018

Fri 15 Dec 2017

Thu 14 Dec 2017

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