Tidy your Tableau Tooltips

by Stephanie Kearns

So our first day of week two was entirely Alteryx focused, so I thought I’d write a quick Tableau focused blog just to get my daily fix…

This is one of the many things I learnt last week during our Tableau 101 sessions and is a really quick way of tidying your Tableau Tooltips. It’s essentially ticking/unticking a menu option which I’d just never noticed before, but now that I have it will definitely save me time!

I didn’t know whether to be annoyed I’d never noticed or relieved I now know… So here it is in case you haven’t spotted it either.


Include Tooltips

Instead of opening a Tooltip to edit it and delete specific information you don’t want to see in the Tooltip manually, click on the dimension or measure ‘pill’ in your worksheet that you want to remove from the Tooltip and deselect the ‘Include in Tooltip’ option. It’s as simple as that!



Stephanie Kearns

Mon 29 Jan 2018

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