How to save your Alteryx workflow as a packaged file

by Stephanie Kearns

If you send an Alteryx workflow to someone who doesn’t have the same input files, the workflow won’t run properly. But you can avoid this if you save your Alteryx workflow as a packaged file.


How to save a packaged workflow you want to send

  1. First, create and save your workflow.
  2. Then select Option > Export Workflow.
  3. Pick a ‘Package Location’ to save your packaged workflow in that file location.
  4. Make sure all the assets (aka inputs and outputs) that you want to package with your Alteryx workflow are ticked.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Done!


This will give you a yxzp file type. For the Tableau users among you, this is the equivalent to a twbx file.




How to open a packaged workflow you have received

  1. Double click on the file.
  2. Click Yes > Import > Yes.



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