Star Wars - Dashboard Week Day Five

by Stephanie Kearns

Today is the fifth and final day of dashboard week. What a week it’s been.


The dataset for today was a survey based on people’s opinion of the Star Wars films (more details in Andy’s blog here).


Today has been my favourite of the week. The dataset was manageable and relatively quick to clean, with some people spotting bits others hadn’t (great teamwork!). Because of this, it felt like I managed to get in to Tableau quite quickly compared to other days. I’d also taken on some of the lessons learnt from previous days by narrowing down and running with an angle fairly early on.


Lessons Learnt


Move on.

I found yesterday particularly hard but managed to come in to today and crack on with a completely new piece of work.


Click on the image below to see my final dashboard of the week.


star wars dashboard week day four


Yoda: Over, dashboard week is.


Stephanie Kearns

Mon 29 Jan 2018

Thu 14 Dec 2017

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