My 1st Day: Prep and Panic

by Suchira Peiris

I am sure if you are reading this you will have already been enlightened by the Data School’s vast collection of illuminating blog posts. I plan to take a different approach; if you have made use of our Meet and Greets, shown your Viz to everyone from here to Timbuktu, read the wealth of information online from the Tableau Community and properly engaged with feedback I suppose I will see you soon…!

So, in preparation for your arrival I will share my thoughts.

I began my DS journey camouflaging myself among the new Year 7s (and acting probably even more nervous than them!). For me the first day was quite ironically the first day of school. Sharing this day with many schoolchildren gave me a sense of continuity, that feeling of never stopping learning and growing.

From the exhibition "The Nineties: A Glossary of Migrations"
Photo by Ivan Aleksic / Unsplash

I would say the Data School certainly feels like a return to education but at a far higher level, engaging in interesting subject matter, with likeminded peers – basically its familiar but better in every way.

Everyone is very open, friendly and willing to chat (as the Convo feed can attest). My advice for newcomers can be summarized in three thoughts.

1)      Relax… I know it sounds fairly useless when the nervous energy of beginning a new, or perhaps like me, your first fulltime job has you on your toes; but you made it past the interviews, so you can be confident that you will fit in.

2)      Everyone gets a sense of imposter syndrome when working with such high calibre colleagues, (look I understand I am a Politics graduate in a cohort of STEM students) but remember you have strengths and experiences that will improve your cohort’s collaboration

3)      This company is like no other. Seriously. Most of your preconceptions of hierarchical, formal institutions in the heart of London can be left at the door. TIL is open and honest about everything from client placements to annual profits. There is a genuine sense that it cares about you from your technical progress to your personal development.

If you found this helpful or just want to chat please feel free to drop a line at