My expectations from DS

by Sylvie Imbert

What are our expectations from the Data School (or DS now that we are on first name basis) we were asked this morning. Well, many things:

  1. First of, the obvious one, become an expert in Tableau and Alteryx
  2. Hopefully pick up some coding skills to go along (whether in class or in our spare time)
  3. Combining the first two points should make us very appealing to prospective employers
  4. Build a network within the analytical world (both of at employee and company level)
  5. Being able to present dashboards to a corporate audience and them understanding what I am on about
  6. Being able to teach the skills I have learnt and the audience understanding what I am on about
  7. Improve my creative skills when building a fancy dashboard (appropriate colour schemes are still a mystery to me…)
  8. Final and most important point, have fun along the way

Not part of the points above, but I have a feeling that I am going to like Alteryx a lot, so let’s see how this goes… I’ll let you know in 4 months!

Thu 21 Nov 2019

Fri 25 Oct 2019

Thu 24 Oct 2019