Tips on containers in Tableau dashboard

by Sylvie Imbert

Are you building a dashboard in Tableau using (fixed) containers? See the tips below to make sure all the elements you drag in are neat and tidy.

This doesn’t look very pretty, does it?

First of all, let’s make sure each individual inner container are displaying the square in the centre evenly. For that, you will need to ensure each inner container have the ‘Fit’ set to ‘Entire View’.

This should get rid of the borders within the inner containers. A lot better already, but still not great looking.

To make all the inner containers the same size, first select the outer container (the inner containers will need to be located within the same outer containers for it to work):

And then choose to distribute the contents evenly:

And now everything should look neat and tidy.

Special thanks to Ruth for showing this to me in the first place!

Thu 21 Nov 2019

Fri 25 Oct 2019

Thu 24 Oct 2019

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