The Ramblings of a madman - Day 2

by Tim Ryan

Day 2 of dashboard week is upon us…

9:05 The files were up very early today but I’ve only just gotten to see them, looking at flights data. The data looks much more confusing than yesterday and also much bigger. The issue is going to be finding the data that I want to use as KPIs, I want to compare the current year to last year to see the impact that corona virus has had on the aviation industry in san Francisco. The biggest issue is that the zip files take 30 minutes to download so I can’t even look at the data for another half an hour.

9:34 I think I’m going to end up having a wide dashboard, it will separate the dashboard into two halves I will maybe add some nice visuals of a plane looping across the screen, Maybe I use the pages function to make a plane fly across the screen? Maybe that’s cool, maybe I wont have time, who knows.

11:33 its been a minute absolute disaster with the files, been working with it in alteryx and nothing is going through.

12:51 Ok so the files are now working , we’re trying to get these files across to each other but its taking forever, honestly think it might be quicker to put it on a USB and drive it over to everyone’s houses, unfortunately coronavirus prevents this groundbreaking data analytics approach

12:58 The data is in tableau, time to make some BANS

1:34 struggling to download a custom map from the mapbox website, luckily the guy who made it has made it open source so I could find it through a bit more of a roundabout route.

2:25 Everything is in tableau and starting to come together, just need to make some more BANs and put some nice bits of context and comparisons between the months that I’ve collected data for.

4:25 Presentations happened, everyone did really well today, I’m fairly happy with how it went, got a ‘Looks good’ from Andy. So sounds like the dashboard was as mediocre as ever.

I think today I did fairly well in not forcing an agenda upon the data and actually looking at the data a bit more to try and find a story. Hopefully I can take the same approach into tomorrow and make another pretty dashboard.

If you want to access my Viz it can be found here!/vizhome/CoronavirusimpactontheAirlineIndustry/Dashboard2

Thanks for reading, see y’all tomorrow I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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