One Task, Many Methods - Tableau Tips with TableauTimothy

by Timothy Manning

One of Tableau’s greatest strengths is how easy it is to use; there are many different ways you can perform the same simple task in Tableau. Here are five examples.


1. Moving fields to the view (i.e. making a chart)


Method 1: type the fields in


Method 2: drag and drop 

Method 3: double-click

Double-clicking in this case is of course the fastest, however in certain situations, you may want to drag and drop, or even type out the field.


2. Creating calculated fields


Method 1: little arrow in the data pane


Method 2: right-click on a field


Method 3: type the formula directly in


Method 4: go from the analysis drop-down menu


Method 5: Drag a table calculation from the view to make a new field


3. Writing calculations


Method 1: just type out the calculation


Method 2: type, drag and drop


4. Formatting sheets (e.g. removing gridlines)


Method 1: Right-click the sheet


Method 2: go from the format drop-down menu


Method 3: format the entire workbook (really useful!)

Instead of formatting individual sheets, you can format every single sheet in the workbook at once! This was a tip from Michael McFadden (DS7) which saved me a lot of time.


5. Swapping the axes around


Method 1: drag and drop


Method 2: the ‘swap rows and columns’ button


I hope you enjoyed this blog! This isn’t an exhaustive list so feel free to comment if you can think of some other ways to be efficient in Tableau. Perhaps I’ll make a second post about it as I progress in my understanding. For more from me, check out my Twitter and LinkedIn pages.