"Dashboard week"day 3: Api and Snowflake!

by Tommaso Ferri

API into Snowflake into Tableau a triple Threat Match between 3 data giants!

Day 3 of dashboard week! Today Andy wanted us to work with API and a newcomer: Snowflake!

We had to work with the "World Bank" database. After taking a look to the documentation I decided to make a visualization on the GPD for each European country.

I built an API workflow to get all the data from my different countries.

The API Flow 

I previously made a free account on Snowflake and i have connected my flow to my new account.

Doing this is a bit tricky, because you have to download an ODBC data driver for Snowflake and you need to configure it from the Windows interface. After this "tricky" step you want to write your data into your Snowflake account. I have added the last 3 steps of my flow to make a simple statement useful to create my first table on the cloud.

The 4 columns dataset that I have created
The table and the first 10 rows (as a test)

Beautiful! My Data is on the cloud now!

My time was running out so I came up with a simple viz.

The final interactive viz 

This day was interesting. I discovered Snowflake and it was really interesting to work on a cloud data service. I really hope to work with it another time it seems to have loads of potential!

Next time I think i will spend less time on API call and try to plan everything in a more time-saving manner (my main objective for this week)!

See you tomorrow!