Dashboard Week: Day 5

by Vivien Ho

For our final project of the week, we went deep into the realm of … boy bands. Overall, I’m thankful that the dataset was already very clean and only required some slight tweaks, this meant that I had ample time to get creative in tableau.

The Prep

As I decided that I was essentially going to be counting bands and band members, I assigned each a Band member ID and a band ID. I joined the datasets on Band, and cleaned up a few values to aid my analysis later on in Tableau. The heights were in inches so I converted these to feet and I calculated how old each member was when they reached the Hot 100 chart.


Since most of the data was based on what the boy bands looked like, I decided to focus on the most common characteristics to see if there was any secret formula to boy band success. Similar to previous projects this week, a lot of the values were free text:

So I utilised sets and the CONTAINS() function *a lot* just to narrow down the amount of dimensions I’d have to deal with.

The Dashboard

In conclusion, I had a lot of fun with this one. Usually with most business dashboards, fun colours and subtitles take a backseat, but I’m glad I got to experiment:


So that’s the end of dashboard week, although some of the first few projects were challenging, I learned a lot of skills which I’ll definitely continue using from now on.

Fri 30 Apr 2021

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