My expectations of the Data School

by Wiktoria Rudz

When I was in the application process to Data School edition 5, I googled (guilty!) my competitors’ Tableau Public and LinkedIn profiles. Most of the candidates had an impressive data analytics and Tableau experience, which I had found unexpected and quite intimidating. Luckily, I eventually decided not to be bothered by this discovery, continued to work on my viz for final submission and left the outcome to fate.

The Information Lab logo notepad

The persistence paid off. Now that I am in! (hurray!) I expect to successfully complete the training and become a Tableau and Alteryx Jedi. After all, that is why I applied in the first place.


  • Continue to be persistent in achieving the goal
  • Work hard, catch up in my own time
  • Overcome language barrier
  • Not be afraid to ask silly questions
  • Ask for help
  • Not to get frustrated on difficult days
  • Be an active member of the Tableau and Alteryx community
  • Make the most of my strengths


Expectations of the head coach (no pressure Andy):

  • Make sure everyone catches up (you’re a star in that!)
  • Not assume that something might be too simple to explain
  • Give feedback on weaknesses and direct to the accurate source of knowledge for a chance to improve
  • Push and challenge


Expectations of my colleagues:

  • Help each other: everyone is really cooperative (just like previous DSers described in their blog posts!). Especially Natasha and Neil are extremely helpful! Thanks, guys!
  • Not to take my seat 😀 I normally adapt well to any changes but I figured with so many huge changes in my life right now (career, apartment, marital status and my own name), it would at least be nice to have an invariable seat.

Three more months to go. Looking forward to it!


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