Insert Key Word Here. The art of successful blogging.

by Adi McCrea
Things are about to get pretty meta as I blog about DS alumnus Anna Noble talking to us about writing good blogs.


Anna’s top tips:

  • Pick a good title
  • Use headings
  • Include a byline
  • Use key words and tags to help search engines pick up content
  • Complete the metadata          
  • Include a featured image and describe it
  • Read, watch and listen to people who create what you’re interested in. What do they do? How do they do it?


Write in your own, individual style

I’ve never really been much of a writer. I can cobble together a report or a journal article for a specific purpose but neither of these really involve writing what I want to write using my voice. Whether or not anyone is reading and coming back to the blog, the only way I’ll keep writing it is by creating content in my own style.


Create great content

Ultimately, trying to manipulate Google’s search algorithm will only go so far. The only way to create meaningful interactions is to create a meaningful message and send it on out there. If it’s good, good things will come back.

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So – am I doing it right? Let me know below or give me a nudge on Twitter @AdiBop_

Ta for now!

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