BASIC tools to get you started in Alteryx

by Aj Basnet

So you have decided to plunge in the deep end and decide to learn Alteryx. Yes, I do agree the interface looks rather intimidating and it seems like there are endless features. This blog post will help you to just get familiar with some of the basic tool to get you comfortable with the software.

Each tool in Alteryx is designed for a specific function, you will need a combine them to produce a workflow

Input tool – You can use this to bring data to your module.


Browser – You should always be using this tool to check the state of your data throughout the workflow


Filter – You can use this tool to find specific criteria within your data.  It produces two outputs: True and False bullion


Formula – You can it to perform calculations and operations. Any formulas you can use in Excel can be used here as well.


Join – Can be used to join different data from different sources and gives the option of 3 outputs


Sample – This can be useful when you want to select a selected stream of data in your workflow


Select – You can use this to quickly select, rename and reorder the different fields


Summarise – You can use this tool to group, sum, count and do much more processes.


Transpose – This can be used to pivot data in rows to columns (Read here)


Output – Essentially this is the result of your workflow You need this before you use the prepared data for Tableau

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