Client project's presentations.

by Alessandro Costanzo

Last Friday DS13 had the opportunity to watch DS12 client project presentation.

It was in my opinion, a great example to understand what skills we’ll have to develop from here in the 4 months to come.

I believe all our DS13 group was positively impressed with our peer’s work. All dashboard seemed clear and understandable, and well suited to be utilised in a decision-making environment.

The aspect I most appreciated about this project was the presence of delegates from the client company. They provided valuable immediate feedback after each presentation, explaining how  DSers work could be used in their work environment.

The DSers had also an opportunity to provide feedback to their clients, discuss with them how they prepared and visualised specific dataset field, suggesting examples of best practices that they could easily apply in their day-to-day operations.

I believe that this experience really fulfils the mission of The Information Lab, helping people making sense of data. I reckon that this experience really helped the DSers to develop important consulting skills.

I also really appreciated the possibility to chat with the clients after the presentation time. The feedback I’ve got from them was really positive. They praised the level of teaching and they seemed really impressed when I explained to them what we have done during our first week.

In my opinion, networking plays an important role in the job of a consultant, therefore I am glad I had the opportunity to have this chat and work on my networking skill.

Finally, I would like to compliment all the DS12 for their dashboard. Well done guys!

Alessandro Costanzo

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