Tableau QA Exam, My experience.

by Alessandro Costanzo

This Tuesday I undertook and successfully passed the Tableau QA exam. In this post, I would like to explain the process, as it may help future candidates.

Andy informed us about this exam on Monday, asking me and my fellow DSers to undertake it within a week. I decided to give an early try and booked my appointment the very next day.

The exam, as well as the booking process, is handled online. To find out more information, visit . To book an appointment is necessary to create an account on , and to pay a fee of $250.

To prepare the exam I used the variety of mock tests available on . This website, unlike the real exam, divides the categories of question, so you can practise the one you find more difficult.

As you will see, all questions are presented as multiple-choice quizzes. Some of them are purely theoretical while others require building one or multiple visualisations in Tableau.

Sincerely after a month of training at the Data School, I found the questions quite easy. I think the main obstacle consisted of the wording of the question, which may be misinterpreted. Therefore, make sure to read the questions carefully, and ensure that you are using the correct dataset.

The exam can last up to 2 hours. I personally finished in around 1 hour and 15 mins and spent the rest of the time to double-check some answers on which I wasn’t 100% sure and to Google some topics in which I was uncertain (yes, you can browse the web, but you cannot access any chat services)

In conclusion, I think this process helped me to improve my speed, and it was a good exercise on working under pressure. I would like to reassure all current and future DS, that thanks to the teaching we receive here you will pass this exam with no problem.

I now look forward to improving my Tableau skills, even more, to be able to pass the Certified Professional exam.

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