Dashboard Week Day 1: Rome Food

by Andy Kriebel

My favorite week of each cohort is upon us (or should I say them?)…Dashboard Week! Here’s how it works:

  1. Each morning the team is given a project.
  2. They must prepare the data, create a dashboard and publish a blog post.
  3. The following morning they have to present their work from the previous day.
  4. Begin again, but with less time.

On Friday, they only have from the end of the morning presentations until 3pm, since that’s when they do their weekly presentations. Friday, they will present their work from Friday plus their favorite from earlier in the week. In total this means 40 workflows, 40 dashboard and 40 blog posts. Keep up with it all on the Data School blog.

As yesterday was the London Marathon and I’m feeling inspired by the performances of Eliud Kipchoge (2:04:17), Mo Farah (2:06:21) and the Data School’s very own Dan Watt (2:46:58), the team will need to:

  1. Pick a region from the Parkrun website
  2. Use Alteryx to gather all the data from each race of each Parkrun in that region
  3. Visualize the results with Tableau

UPDATE: Epic fail by me for day 1. I missed on the Parkrun website that they don’t allow scraping. So we switched projects and I gave the team data about my trip to Rome. The data set includes all of the pizza and gelato I ate and the beers I drank. I rated each item, included a time stamp, the flavors and the location.

This will require them to put to use what they’ve learned about Alteryx batch and iterative macros. Good luck to them! You can join the presentations each morning at 9am GMT and Friday at 3pm here.

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