Dashboard Week Day 3 - Risk Factors from Noncommunicable Diseases

by Andy Kriebel

On to day 3 we march! The team is doing great so far. The Wednesday data set wasn’t too awful, though it did take quite a bit of cleansing in Alteryx. But you know what? The only way to get better is to be challenged.

For day 3, the team is going to explore risk factors from noncommunicable diseases. Noncommunicable diseases, also known as chronic diseases, are diseases of long duration and generally slow progression. There are lots of really good vizzes on their website already that the team can draw inspiration from.

Here’s their challenge:

  • The data set is of risk factors for non-communicable diseases, which can be found within each of the data downloads pages on NCDRisC.org.
  • They must use Alteryx to download the data for all countries available. HINT: The country name is in the URL structure. (Example)
  • Use Tableau to create a visualisation.

So basically, they need to create a workflow that downloads each country that’s available, massage the data to get it ready for Tableau, then build a viz. Simple!

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