Dashboard Week Day 2: What's more important? Personality or Good Looks?

by Andy Kriebel

Day 1 was tough! Massive kudos to the team for smashing it and not complaining (too much). Read all about their day 1 experience on the blog.

However, Monday is done and it’s time to move on. For Tuesday’s assignment, the team needs to prep ALL of the data in this pdf into a single data source. I’ve already given them hints that they should split up the tasks. In the end, they need to combine all of their disparate pieces into a single data source.

The data today is from YouGov.com and the site has a few visualisations that show how they looked at the data. The main question for the team to answer is:

How do people across the world value personality vs. looks?

For the visualisation challenge, I want them to use story points today to tell an analytical story. We rarely use story points in the Data School, so today seems as good a day as any to practice.

Wish them luck!