Dashboard Week Day 3: The Solar System

by Andy Kriebel

Day 1 was aliens. Aliens live somewhere in the Solar System. So for day 4 of Dashboard Week, the team will need to use an API to access data about the Solar System.

Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash

The data can be found on the Solar System OpenData website. They will need to make sure they paginate to get all results. Oh and they need to use PowerBI.


  1. They must use Power BI. 😇
  2. They are not permitted to use Tableau at all.
  3. If data prep is required, they can use either Alteryx or Tableau Prep.
  4. They are more than welcome to supplement it with additional data.
  5. Before 5pm, they must have their workflows created, dashboards uploaded to the Power BI gallery, and blog posts written.

Learning PowerBI is important. As they head into their placements, there is a really strong change that they’ll be asked about PowerBI and how it compares to Tableau. This exercise will allow them to have an educated opinion.


Andy Kriebel

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Tue 14 Jun 2022