Dashboard Week Day 5: The History of Powerlifting

by Andy Kriebel
Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Day 5 is going to be amazing! Lily and Nick found a data set on Kaggle about the history of powerlifting!!! This looks like a fascinating data set. The main website for this data can be found on Open Powerlifting.


  1. Download the data.
  2. If data prep is required, they can use either Alteryx or Tableau Prep.
  3. They are more than welcome to supplement it with additional data.
  4. They can use any data visualization tool of their choice.
  5. Before 1pm, they must have their workflow completed, dashboards uploaded to the web, and the blog post written.

Thanks again to Lily and Nick for all of their help this week. They are helping make Dashboard Week the week that keeps on giving.


Andy Kriebel

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Mon 20 Jun 2022

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