The Data School Is Expanding

by Andy Kriebel

As of this writing, 64 brilliantly talented women and men have graduated from The Data School. When I think about it, it’s crazy! 64! Already?? Where has the time gone? As we head full steam into our third year, we have some big news to share.



We have more customers than we have supply, which means we need to train more people. So what’s the plan?




First, we’re increasing the number of intakes each year to six. Applicants can now apply for cohorts starting February, April, June, August, October, and December. All of the steps to apply can be found here. Please don’t send us a CV; we won’t look at it.




Doubling the cohorts means we provide more options for our customers. Essentially we’ll have consultants available for placements twice as frequently meaning our customers can more easily work within their timeframes. Placements are still six months long…no changes there. Want a consultant to work on your team? Contact Dan Raines.




If there are twice as many people to teach and cohorts are overlapping by two months, how the heck will we teach them all? Simple! We double the number of coaches. Fairly soon we’ll announce who that’ll be! Stay tuned.




For those that have visited the Data School, you know we’re just one room of nine people. How are we going to train 16? Simple! We’re moving into a brand new space about 50 feet from where we are now.

Our new 4000+ square foot home will provide us the capacity to double or even triple the Data School. We’ll have a huge space to host events for the Tableau, Alteryx and data viz communities. We’ll have a big grand opening party…details to come.




That’s right! We’re expanding abroad too, all the way to Sydney, Australia. If you are eligible to work in Australia, you can apply here. The Data School Down Under will be a mirror image of The Data School UK, with Craig Dewar¬†taking on the Head Coach role. Their first class will start in mid-July, so get your applications in now! Initially, they will run cohorts every four months. Get in touch with Craig if you have any questions. Want to know more? Click here.

There’s only one first cohort. Be a part of it!