Sizing up the Data School | A fun afternoon of vizzing

by Andy Kriebel

This morning on my walk to the Data School, I had an idea. I’ve been wanting to do an IronViz-style competition in the Data School and had it on the diary for this afternoon, but I didn’t have a data set picked out yet. Then I got to thinking…Bethany had been measuring her head for her graduation cap fitting, so why not extend that to the whole team? And why not collect some other data too?

Our IronViz data set was born! For everyone in DS4 (and Ravi who can’t seem to go away), we collected head circumference, height and wingspan (to test the theory that they should be the same), and foot size and forearm length (again to test the theory that they should be the same). They also measured me and when Tom Brown walked in the room, we made him do it too. Though I’m not sure Bethany liked her job as official measurer when she saw the boss’ sweaty socks.


After a morning or learning more about table calcs from Anna and the difference between blending and cross-database joins from me, this felt like a good way to cut loose for a bit. At 4:15pm, everyone was done and we presented our work. I kept mine pretty simple, using parameters to allow the user to pick their own metrics. Join us at 3pm GMT Thursday for the team’s presentations, where you’ll see what they created!

For now, you’re left with mine. Click on the image for the interactive version. Enjoy!



Andy Kriebel

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Mon 20 Jun 2022

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