Dashboard Week Day 1: F**k Off As A Service

by Andy Kriebel

My favorite week of every DS is back…Dashboard Week! Here’s the general concept:

  1. Each morning DS10 is given a project.
  2. They must prepare the data, create a dashboard and publish a blog post.
  3. The following morning they have to present their work from the previous day.
  4. Begin again, but with less time.

On Friday, they only have from the end of the morning presentations until 1pm, the start of DS11 presentations. Friday, they will present their work from Friday plus their favorite from earlier in the week. In total this means 40 workflows, 40 dashboard and 40 blog posts. Keep up with it all on the Data School blog.



Back in 2015-2016, Jeff Shaffer and I did a year long project together: Dear Data Two. The project was inspired Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec. The idea was simple: track data about a certain topic, create a postcard and mail it to each other. Week 37’s topic was Swearing, which I found quite interesting mostly because Jeff never swears. Here’s my postcard from that week.


Fast forward to today. Coach Andre DeVries let me know about this fun little API during DS9 dashboard week, but we had a client coming in that day to watch presentations, so we thought we should delay it until DS10. The team needs to use the API to get some interesting data, prep it with Alteryx, create a viz in Tableau, and write a blog post.

This project may turn out to be a bit too easy. If so, I’ll adjust to provide more pain later in the week.