Dashboard Week Day 4: Bike Sharing

by Andy Kriebel

Due to the intense complaining about my assignments so far this week, particularly around going farther and farther back in versions of Tableau, I’ve decided to let them go back to 2018.3, but with a twist.

  1. They need to create a collection of cities that have a bike-sharing program.
  2. They need to use the bike-share API to build a single Alteryx app that allows the user to select a city, enter five different locations to search for a bike, and find all bikes within the user-specified number of kilometers.
  3. The five searches can be entered in plain text and then translate into lat/lon by Google maps.
  4. This should return all available bike docks within that radius.
  5. They need to allow the user to specify a single ending location.
  6. The app needs to automatically generate a map in Tableau.
  7. They need to use one of the new features of  2018.3 (I don’t care which one).

I’m excited to see how these turn out because it could be useful for people. One last thing, I’m more than happy for them to work together to build the app; I don’t see any reason to have seven of the same app.