Dashboard Week Day 5: Meteorite Landings

by Andy Kriebel

The final day of Dashboard Week for DS10 is here. Today is the toughest day time-wise. The day starts with presentations of their work from day 4, followed by working on today’s project, which has to be done by 1pm so that they can watch DS11’s presentations.

Today, the team will analyze meteorite landings, by downloading data from NASA’s meteorite landing API. Don’t tell them, but they don’t even need to use Alteryx today. I’ve tested this data set and it’s super simple to connect to.

As they are back to using 2018.3, they need to use set actions somehow in their viz plus one other new feature (but not transparent sheets; that’s too easy). The more use cases we can get for set actions, the more we all can learn. Oh, they have to have their blog posts done by 1pm as well.

At presentations today, they each need to present today’s work, explain which new features they used, plus present one piece of work from earlier in the week. Tune in at 3pm GMT here.


Andy Kriebel

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Mon 20 Jun 2022

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