Dashboard Week Day 3: Foreign Gifts and Contracts Report

by Andy Kriebel

What’s dashboard week without a bit of a curveball? For day 3, the team will need to visualize the data from the United States Department of Education Office of Federal Student aid about gifts and contracts received by higher education institutions. What does this mean?

The Foreign Gift and Contracts Report contains all gifts received within the previous six years from any foreign source, contracts with a foreign entity, and/or any ownership interests in or control over the institution by a foreign entity reported by Title IV-eligible domestic institutions that offer a bachelor’s degree or higher, or that offer a transfer program of not less than two years that is acceptable for credit toward a bachelor’s degree, when the total value of all gifts given in a calendar year is $250,000 or greater or if the institution is owned or controlled by a foreign source.

This is another clean data set, which I have downloaded for them. Up above, I promised something different. Let’s have a look at the requirements.


  1. They must use Power BI. 😇
  2. They are not permitted to use Tableau at all.
  3. If data prep is required, they can use either Alteryx or Tableau Prep. They shouldn’t need to do any data prep though.
  4. They are welcome to work as a team on the data prep.
  5. They are more than welcome to supplement it with additional data.
  6. Before 5pm, they must have their dashboards uploaded to the Power BI gallery.
  7. Jonathan is not allowed to use more than two colors.

I’m curious to see how they adapt to a new tool. It’s important for them to be able to speak about both Power BI and Tableau as they head into their placements as surely they’ll be asked.

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