Dashboard Week Day 3: Four Dashboards

by Andy Kriebel

To prepare DS15 for working with clients after their training, we’ve decided that for day 3 they will need to create four KPI dashboards:

  1. C-Level
  2. Analyst level
  3. Mobile version for each of these

For a KPI dashboard to be effective, each metric should have context and the ability to take action from the number. They will need to create two workbooks in the end and be able to demonstrate how it looks on desktop and on a mobile phone. They can test this with the mobile emulator built into Google Chrome. They also MUST sketch their work before doing any data prep.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The data they need to use comes from Kaggle and is a collection of 300,000+ kickstarter project. They should all have plenty of experience with Makeover Monday by now, so this should be a breeze and a nice mid-week break.


  1. Data prep can be done (if required) in either Alteryx or Tableau.
  2. Publish the two workbooks to Tableau Public. 
  3. Write a blog post.

Have fun!!


Andy Kriebel

Wed 03 Aug 2022

Mon 11 Jul 2022

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