Dashboard Week Day 1: The Design Census

by Andy Kriebel

Dashboard week is here for DS16. The basic idea behind Dashboard Week is that the team is given a data source, they prep the data, create a visualization, and write a blog post.

Here are the rules that are common across each day:

  1. They must work independently.
  2. Everything MUST be completed by 5pm (so that I can write a recap blog post). They must deliver:
    1. A data prep workflow (if necessary)
    2. A visualization published to the web
    3. A blog post
  3. They MUST leave their laptops at work in the evening.
  4. The next morning, they present back the previous day’s work.
  5. No complaining!
  6. Pay attention; requirements may change day-to-day or even within the day.

Survey data can be quite difficult to work with, so why not start day 1 with it? The data comes from the Design Census 2019.

What is the Design Census?

“The Census aims to uncover insights through data, leading to deeper and more informed conversations about where the design industry is now and where it’s headed.”

Design Census

Rules for day 1:

  1. Download the data from the Design Census website.
  2. Prep the data with Alteryx or Tableau Prep if necessary.
  3. Create a viz and publish it to Tableau Public.
  4. Write a blog post and publish it by 5pm.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Good luck team! Remember to ask questions if you get stuck.


Andy Kriebel

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Mon 20 Jun 2022

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