Dashboard Week Day 2: Flights In & Out of SFO

by Andy Kriebel

There are times, especially the long, dark winters of London, when I miss the beautiful sunshine of the Bay Area. The weather is perfect nearly every day of the year; it’s quite easy to get used to. Heck, my kids were blonde when we lived there and they’ve all turned brunette since living here.

I digress.

Today’s dataset is about into and out of San Francisco International Airport. There’s a bit of history and the idea behind the data collection here and the data is available on github. Today’s task is simple, create a KPI dashboard with the twist that it MUST contain a customized Mapbox map. What might not be so simple is navigating all of the subfolder on github to get the data they need. They can work on this together if they prefer.

Presentations at 3:30pm. See you then team!

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