DS20: Dashboard Week Day 3 - SBA Paycheck Protection Program

by Andy Kriebel

The CARES Act (one of the programs the US Congress passed to help companies through the early stages of the COVID debacle) included loans to “small” businesses. One of the requirements was to release the data for who the loans for payroll protection were given to. DS20 has the task of creating a KPI dashboard based on the data.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

There is data for loans above $150K and below $150K by State. They can choose to use either or both. The data for above 150K is all in one file, whereas, for some dumb reason, the data for below 150K is in separate files by State. I swear they do this on purpose to make it difficult for people to analyze and to hold them accountable.

Good luck team!

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