Dashboard Week Day 3 - Historical Tornado Tracks

by Andy Kriebel

There are some amazing visualization that have been created about tornado and hurricane paths. What many of them lack, though, is anything about the destruction left in their wake and why we see some storms way more powerful than others.

Today, DS21 will be analyzing data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA about tornado tracks from 1950-2018. The data is available here.

I haven't really seen anyone answer the question "why" this week. That's the root of analysis. I have suggested a systematic process to them before. Start by writing down when, where, who, what, how, and why. Try to answer each of these questions with the data. Why is ALWAYS the toughest to answer and you have to answer the other questions first before you can answer why.

Then ask why again. And ask why again. And ask why again. Get to the root of the causes. Find more data to add context. Find more data to help answer why.

Good luck today team! Keep up the efforts you've put in so far.

NOTE: They must find someone outside of their cohort that can work with them on the Thursday project. They will present alongside their buddy tomorrow.

Featured image by Raychel Sanner from Pexels.


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